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How to Set Up Skype on Windows 10?

Skype is a very useful software program for both personal and official use. One can use Skype for texting, sharing data, audio call, video call, video conferencing and much more. If this is the first time that you are going to use Skype on your Windows 10, then this is your guide.
Here, we will guide you as for how to set up Skype on Windows 10. Just follow the steps as mentioned below and soon you will be able to use Skype on your Windows 10.

Steps to Set Up Skype on Windows 10

1.    To make things more convenient for users, Windows 10 now offers Skype as a built-in app. So, you need not download it from anywhere.

2.    To set up Skype on your Windows 10, all you need to do is log in with your Microsoft account.

3.    If you are not logged in with your Microsoft account, simply click on the Skype icon and follow the instructions on the screen. You can also sign into Skype account with your existing Microsoft or Skype id or you can create a new one.

4.    On the sign-in window of Skype, you will get two options. Click on Microsoft account to use your existing Microsoft account or click on Skype Name tab if you want to use a different Skype ID. Also, you can click on the option located on the lower left corner of Skype’s window Sign in with Facebook.

5.     You will be directed to Sign-in page. Enter your Microsoft account and Password. Click Sign in button.

6.    This may take some time to process. Wait until it's done.

7.    You will be asked to accept the Terms of Use. Confirm your action once you are carefully read all the terms.

8.    You will need to wait until you new Skype account is created and you are logged in to Skype successfully.

9.    After it’s done, you can then configure your Skype account as per your preferences.

10.    Now, you can chat, make audio and video calls easily. 

If you find trouble following the above-mentioned steps, feel free to call our experts. They will guide and help you understand each and everything that your need to about Skype. We are a third party Skype customer service support service provider. Our communication lines are available 24 hours. For any Skype related issues, you can call us, email us or can have a live chat session with our Skype expert . We give surety to cater you with quality service and reliable solution.

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